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Linksys Extender Setup

The "dead zone" is a place in your home in which a Wi-Fi connection is not available. The reason may be the work of other devices, metal household appliances or architectural features of the house, because of which the signal of even the most powerful router may not reach certain areas. Repeaters Wi-Fi is a simple and economical way to provide complete coverage in the house and get rid of the "dead zones".

Linksys extender setup allow you to extend the coverage of the Wi-Fi network in your home by taking wireless signals from the router and broadcasting those using powerful amplifiers and high-performance antennas. Linksys extender setup is universally compatible, therefore work with any standard router of any manufacturer: even with a router provided by your Internet service provider.

Linksys extender setup evacuates the greater part of your own inclinations by setting the extender to its default settings. While investigating a feeble association, Linksys extender setup enables you to test the maker's prescribed settings to check whether the speed of your router get increased. Moreover, Linksys extender set up on the off chance that you don't effectively set it up accurately the first case when, you can't get to the Web-based arrangement utility or you as of late overhauled the firmware.

Linksys extender setup



  • My Wi-Fi range extender is not working. What to do?
  • Make sure you have set up the repeater correctly.
  • Make sure that the WLAN repeater is not too far away from the router, otherwise the signal could be too weak. Interference devices such as microwaves or loudspeakers also hinder the signal.
  • For the repeater to work, you should set WPA-2 encryption in the router. These can usually be found under "WLAN" and "Security".
  • It usually helps if you reset the repeater shortly. Simply press and hold the "Reset" button on the bottom or disconnect the power for about 10 seconds.
  • Basically, the firmware of your router should be up to date so that there are no problems with the repeater.
  • You often have to give the router a fixed IP address so that you can use the repeater. Use the following instructions:: Set fixed P-address ,
  • Try setting up the wireless repeater using WPS. First, press the WPS button on your router and then on the repeater to connect. If this does not work, there may be a defect and you should replace the device.
  • Why I need to change the password of my Wi-Fi router?
  • If you forget the password for accessing the settings of the Wi-Fi router. Even more correct will be to write if you forgot the password and the login that you set yourself. Because if you did not change it, then you can find a standard password for access, we will write about it later.
  • If you have incorrectly configured the Wi-Fi router, and want to make the setting again. After the reset procedure, you will receive a clean router, both from the store.

How to set the password for accessing the setting of the router?

  • This is the first thing to do when setting up wireless Wi-Fi network security. In the settings of the router we look for the tab "System Tools" then go to the tab "Password”.
  • Enter the old login and password, and then in the form below enter a new name for access and twice the new password. Think of a good and complex password. Consisting of letters and numbers. And most importantly, remember. Click "Save" to save. We continue to configure the protection of the Wi-Fi network.
  • What do you mean by MAC address for router setting?

MAC address - simply a unique digital number assigned to each computer on the network, more precisely not to a computer, but to a network card. The MAC address is registered in the network card, even when it is created in the factory. Why do we need to know the MAC address? MAC address we may need for example when configuring the router, or when connecting the Internet.

How to change the MAC address?

If you want to change the address, then in the same window, click "Settings" and go to the "Additional" tab, select "Network address" in the list. You will see the address on the right; you can change it and click "OK”.

The second way that you can learn the MAC address

  1. Go to "Start" "All Programs" "Standard" "Command line" type the command ipconfig / all and press Enter. We are looking at the result, where the "Network address" is opposite and will be our MAC address.

What is b / g / n in the settings of the router?

This means that b / g / n is the mode of the wireless network (Mode). There are three (basic) modes of operation of Wi-Fi 802.11. This is b / g / n. They differ in the maximum data transfer rate).

Let's get more:

  • b is the slowest mode. Up to 11 Mbps.
  • g - the maximum data transfer speed is 54 Mbit / s
  • n - New and high-speed mode. Up to 600 Mbps

Why change the mode of the wireless network?

If you are on a router, as the mode of the wireless network will be n, without any mixed there, then connect this phone to Wi-Fi you cannot get, here at least head to the wall beat. But it does not have to be a phone and all the more iPhone. This incompatibility with the new standard can be observed on laptops, tablets, Wi-Fi receivers, etc.

Already several times we noticed that with different problems with connecting phones or tablets to Wi-Fi - helps to change the mode of Wi-Fi. If you want to see what modes your device supports, then look in the characteristics to it. Typically, the supported modes are listed.

What if there is no "Wireless Network Management" item?

If you do not have a Wireless Network Control point in the control panel, then do this:

In the notification panel, click the connection icon, a list of networks opens. Make Right-click on the network to which you are connected and from which you need to know the password, and select Properties.

How to amplify the signal of a Wi-Fi router?

  • Updating the router firmware

A low level of Wi-Fi signal can be a bug of the firmware. To solve the problem it is often enough to install a more recent version, downloading it from the manufacturer's website.

Choosing a free channel

In multi-apartment buildings and large office centers, the wireless channel that your network uses can be overloaded. This is indicated by the failures and frequent disappearances of the Wi-Fi signal, as well as multiple failures when trying to connect to its own access point.

  • Solve the problem by changing the channel in the router settings.
  • How fastest setting in router can enhance its performance?

Router cannot be called the most user-friendly devices. You do not need to know the difference between Wi-Fi standards and frequencies, but some settings you have to install manually, since only the best routers can provide the highest possible speed automatically.

The vast majority of Wi-Fi devices now operate on the 802.11n standard, which uses two frequencies. If your router is dual-band, it can transmit a signal at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Since the frequency of 2.4 GHz is more common, all the devices located near the router (including not only yours but also your neighbors), load the available channels.

How would I reset my Wi-Fi range extender?

Tap on the “Reset” button to one side of in order to a default setting. You will see a popup affirming that the “Wi-Fi Range Extender about to reset”. Now, choose “OK” to reboot the gadget. Presently, hold up until the point that the gadget reboots before utilizing it.

Where do you put a Wi-Fi range extender?

The perfect area to put the Wi-Fi range Extender is somewhere between your remote switch and your PC, however the extender need to be inside the remote scope of the remote switch. If you need to utilize an alternate area, draw the Extender nearer to the gadget, yet at the same time inside the remote scope of the switch.